PRESS RELEASE: Children’s Museum of Manhattan and the National Football League Announce the Opening of “You Make the Call: Learn to be An NFL Official”


New Interactive Experience Which Celebrates Super Bowl XLVIII and Kicks Off in January, Offers Rare Behind-the-Scenes Look at NFL Officiating

New York, NY – December 5, 2013 – To celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII coming to MetLife Stadium and the New York/New Jersey area, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) and the National Football League (NFL) announced today the opening of You Make the Call: Learn to be An NFL Official, a new interactive experience that gives children and their families an exclusive look into the world of NFL officials. The multimedia exhibit and program opens at CMOM (212 West 83rd Street) on January 8 and runs through February.

You Make the Call: Learn to be An NFL Official will also help families understand how developing both executive function skills including planning, organizing, and focusing on task, and physical fitness lead to valuable leadership and social success. The exhibit and programs will emphasize the process of developing critical thinking skills that lead to making more informed decisions.

Visitors will have the chance to go “under the hood” and make the correct call in the “You Make the Call” booth – a stylized rendition of the sideline instant replay systems used byreal NFL officials. Other exhibit highlights include an NFL Play 60 video kiosk and obstacle course to help inspire kids to be more active and healthy; a look at how the uniforms worn by the officials have changed over time; and a sneak peek inside the NFL’s control room in Manhattan where officiating personnel monitor all games.

Additionally, picture guides and descriptions of the various signals used and calls made by the officials during NFL games will be on display. Children and their families will gain an understanding that good decisions make a critical difference in a game, and also in their daily lives.

You Make the Call: Learn to be An NFL Official will also feature daily and weekly programming and clinics, including the NFL’s Play 60 initiative, which encourages kids to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Children can also participate in a “Zebra Dance,” which is a combination of different officiating call signals and trendy dance moves in a fun dance number.

NFL representatives including officials, coaches, and current and former players are expected to participate in the various exhibit programs, clinics, and activities.

“CMOM is thrilled to partner with the NFL to celebrate the very first Super Bowl in our area, and to further explore the extremely important issues around executive function, decision making, and healthy lifestyle choices through our unique arts-based pedagogy for children and families,” said CMOM’s Executive Director Andrew Ackerman.

Programming for You Make the Call: Learn to be An NFL Official includes:
Opening Day – Wednesday, January 8:
Super Bowl Week – Special guest speakers
State of Officiating with Dean Blandino, V.P. of Officiating
History Begins with Her Story: Women Officiating Now with Sarah Thomas
You Make the Call with surprise guest coach, player, & SBXLVIII NFL official

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