All the Way to K and Beyond: Make Art

Fun Language Building Activities for Families


Bottle of Surprises

Recycled plastic bottles become magical when you fill them with simple objects. Fill your bottle with objects. Make as many bottles as you like. Talk with your child about what you see and how the objects move and sound as you shake your bottle.



Nature Sun Catchers

Celebrate nature by creating a Sun Catcher to hang on your window! As you look outside, talk together with your child about the weather and what they see.


Puppet Making

With your child, create animal puppets from recycled materials around the house. Your puppet can express emotions and practice telling stories.



Surprise Storytelling Box

Use small objects, toys, pictures, and more from your home to start conversations and tell stories with your child.


Family Storytelling Book

Create a family book to share your family’s stories. As your child grows, include their artwork and take turns sharing stories together.