Professional Development

Professional Development

Join Children's Museum of Manhattan,

Let's Move Faith and Communities, Let's Move! Child Care,

and Let's Move! Museums & Gardens for a series of webinar trainings on

EatPlayGrow Early Childhood Health Curriculum. 

EatPlayGrow™ is an early childhood health curriculum developed by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM) in partnership with the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) We Can! program. This curriculum combines the most up-to-date science from the NIH with CMOM's creative educational approach to teach young children and their parents how to make healthy nutritional and physical-activity choices. An ideal program for childcare centers, museums, community centers, faith-based organizations, public libraries, and other community locations where parents and their children come to learn, be active, and have fun. 

Join CMOM educators as they present an interactive, engaging training session with topics including: EatPlayGrow™ obesity prevention lesson plans and activities, early childhood methodologies, wellness leadership and capacity building, and partner and community resource development for parents, educators and community leaders. A certificate of completion will be provided to participants who take the entire webinar training (does not apply to phone access only).

Date: May 28, 1 - 2:30pmEST

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Download part 1 of the EatPlayGrow™ webinar here »

Donwload part 2 of the EatPlayGrow™ webinar here »


CMOM Professional Development

Through interactive exhibition tours, team building activities and hands-on workshops, our professional development sessions explore innovative ways to meet National, State and City performance standards, enrich classroom or after-school environments and help cultivate a learning community among organizations.  All sessions support the development of 21 Century Skills and the standards set by New York State's Common Core Curriculum.

All of CMOM's professional development sessions cater to professionals working with early childhood students or school-aged children, as well as children with disabilities.

Session Length: Choose from 90 minute, three hour or full day programs.
Maximum Number of Participants: 20 (additional participants $10-20/person).
Fees: $350 for 90 minutes (additional participants $10/person), $500 for 3 hours (additional participants $10/person), $1,000 for Full day (additional participants $20/person).
To Schedule: To find out more about professional development options or to schedule a session please contact Susan Lim at 212-721-1223 ext. 225 or More »


As part of the EatSleepPlay™ health initiative, CMOM has successfully developed the EatPlayGrow™ curriculum, adapted from the NIH We Can! obesity prevention program, to teach educators how to engage the family audience in healthy lifestyle choices. CMOM's research-based and tested methods successfully demonstrate the implementation of healthy behaviors by utilizing an innovative arts-based approach to deliver the latest medical and scientific information to adults and children. Family handouts include fun, simple activities to help families continue learning together at home.

Building Health Every Day

This half or full day workshop is based on CMOM's EatPlayGrow™ curriculum developed with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Participants discover, through an interactive, highly participatory training session, strategies for integrating health concepts into art, literacy, math, science, cooking, and movement activities. Effective techniques to support the implementation of healthier habits, such as trying new foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking water and incorporating physical activity into daily classroom activities will be explored.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - 5th Grade: RI. 1-10, SL. 1-6, L. 1-6

Healthy Sustainable Practices

This 6-hour workshop will focus on the formation of a Wellness Leadership Committee. This training empowers staff and families to embed sustainable healthy behaviors and strategies into their school and community environments. Participants will reflect on how they are contributing to their own wellness, so that they can help create a sustainable healthier community that represents the needs of their communities.  Using CMOM’s creative arts strategies, participants will understand how to turn assessment into policy and practice, how to communicate and inspire that practice, and how to form partnerships to sustain that practice. 

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - 5th Grade: RI. 1-10, SL. 1-6, L. 1-6

Early Childhood

CMOM believes that children learn best when provided with nurturing, creative environments that support play, imagination, curiosity and discovery. Our comprehensive early childhood curriculum engages all facets of a child's life by bringing together the arts, language, science, math and the humanities. All programs meet early childhood learning standards/requirements.

Learning Through Play

Learn multiple ways in which play nurtures and helps lay the foundation for learning in a tour through CMOM’s early childhood exhibit PlayWorks™. Discuss the developmental stages of children 2-4 years old while exploring a variety of interactive materials and art projects. Session will explore how to incorporate strategies which help children learn early literacy, science and math concepts.

 Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - Kindergarten: SL.K. 1-6, L.K. 1-6

Literacy and Making Connections

Books are just the beginning of the story. Explore how art can be inspired by literature while giving insight into the creative process. Examine some books by your favorite authors and create art inspired by the classical themes found in their stories. Experiment with unusual art materials, as well as materials found at home, that offer exciting opportunities to make connections to your favorite children's books.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - Kindergarten: RL.K. 1-10, RI.K. 1-10, RF.K. 1-2, W.K. 1-8, SL.K 1-6

Science Hands-On Approaches

Experiment with ways to incorporate science with your early childhood audience. Investigate various rainforest animals and their environment in a guided tour of Adventures with Dora and Diego. Explore how children can engage in discovery using fun and interactive science tools. Experiment with a variety of materials and ingredients to make things float, change shape and more.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - Kindergarten: RI. 1-10, SL. 1-6

Math Hands-On Approaches

Through an interactive tour of CMOM's early childhood exhibit PlayWorks™ discover ways in which early math learning can be incorporated into everyday activities. Learn how various math skills, such as shape recognition, counting and spatial relationships, can be explored through storytelling, body movement and art-based projects.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - Kindergarten: K.CC.A. 1-7, K.OA.A. 1-5, K.MD.A. 1-3, K.G.A. 1-6

Learning Through Art

Discover the many ways in which art can develop key analytical thinking skills in children while encouraging creativity and self-expression. Gain self-confidence in your knowledge of Modern and Contemporary Art as we investigate the various themes found through artist observations and discussions. Learn how to incorporate discussions on materials and the artist's intention while using unusual art materials, including those found at home, to engage in exciting art making opportunities.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - Kindergarten: SL.K. 1-6, L.K. 1-6

Working with Tweens

Find fun and creative ways to engage pre-adolescents to promote an encouraging, positive atmosphere of respect and enthusiasm for learning. Discuss the various emotional and developmental stages of youth 9-12 years old while exploring various approaches, needs and strategies for working with 'tweens'. In this session, discover engaging team building and self-reflective activities, as well as science and design-based hands-on projects.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - 5th Grade: SL. 1, 4, L. 1, 3, 5

World Cultures

Our humanities-based exhibitions and programs have always promoted intercultural understanding. To ensure accuracy, we present cultural traditions, customs and common beliefs based on research and collaboration with prominent scholars, educators and experts.

Teaching About Community
Neighborhoods are a microcosm of larger trends in the world and offer multiple learning opportunities to explore culture and community. Discover early social studies concepts through a guided tour through Dora's neighborhood in Adventures with Dora and Diego. Learn how to promote group work and explore community building through interactive workshops on designing your own city, and find ways to create experiences that introduce all the people that make a neighborhood unique.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - 5th Grade: SL. 1-4, 6, L.5

Discover Ancient Greece: Civilizations and Daily Life
Investigate exciting ways to study the ancient world and mythology through the many art forms developed in Ancient Greece. Learn how the ancients told stories through decorations found on pottery and learn how archeology employs drawing to document findings and make discoveries. Explore how mythology was part of everyday life and learn about the importance of weaving in the ancient world.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - 5th Grade: SL. 1-4, 6, L.5, RL. 1-3, 5, 7, RI. 1-4, 7

Monkey King: The Power of Story
Explore exciting ways to study Ancient China through the epic tale of Monkey King and his journey to the West. Investigate the literary, oral and cultural traditions of Chinese society as we follow Monkey through his mischievous adventures. Retrace the journey Monkey undertakes as he crosses China and arrives in India through art and theater-based activities.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - 5th Grade: SL. 1-4, 6, L. 4-6, RL. 1-4, 7, 9-10, W. 3

Three Faiths, One World
Based on CMOM's successful outreach series with the New York Public Library, this session explores the cultures of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Participate in a series of interactive workshops and discussions using storytelling, art, architecture and performance to discover a diversity of thoughtful and engaging techniques in exploring cultural, historical and religious themes.

Helps meet the following Common Core Learning Standards for Pre-K - 5th Grade: RI. 1-3, 9, SL. 1-3, 6, L. 4, 6, RL. 1

For More Information:

Contact Susan Lim
Phone: 212-721-1223 ext. 225

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Messy with Art: Cloud Dough, 10:00am

4 & younger

Explore this fluffy dough as you make cloud-like creations that expand and contract!

EatPlayGrow™ Wednesdays: Fabulous Fruits Sing-A-Long, 10:45am

4 & younger

Sing-a-long with us and get excited about the fabulous rainbow of fruits!

EatPlayGrow™: Fabulous Fruits Basket, 12:15pm

4 & younger

Create a healthy fruit basket to explore texture, shapes, size, and colors. Discover new fruit s and build vocabulary as your sort through a variety of images of delicious fruits.

Mural Wall Painting, 2:00pm

4 & younger

Mix paint on the PlayWorks™ Mural Wall.

CMOM Kamishibai , 2:00pm

All ages

Kamishibai is a traditional form of Japanese storytelling. Join CMOM educators for an interactive telling of traditional and modern, kawaii-inspired stories.

Movement & Circle Time, 2:15pm

4 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories.

Kawaii Vinyl: Designer Toys, 3:00pm

All ages

Cut and fold your own custom designer toy inspired by kawaii (too cute) characters from manga and anime.

Colorful Ribbon Dancing, 3:15pm

4 & younger

Use brightly colored ribbon sticks to make designs in the air. Move your body as you listen to music and follow its rhythm.

Movement & Circle Time, 4:00pm

4 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories

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