Thank You

CMOM Donors July 2012 – June 2013

We extend our heartfelt thanks to every member of the CMOM community. With the incredible support of its members, institutional donors and through every paid admission, CMOM is able to present a wide range of free programs and services for children and families, enriching the lives of thousands of individuals from diverse backgrounds each year.

If you would like to make a contribution that helps further CMOM’s mission, please make a donation online now or give us a call at 212-721-1223.

CMOM gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies that supported our programs and general operations during the last year.

Great Friend to Kids ($100,000+)
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Leadership ($50,000+)
Accenture LLP
halley k harrisburg and Michael Rosenfeld
The Jaharis Family Foundation, Inc.
Umigo LLC
United Way of New York City

Friends of CMOM ($25,000+)
Ellen and Andrew Celli
Renee S. Edelman
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Morgan Stanley
Rajeev Narang and Geeta Sharma
Raffiq Nathoo and Michele Balfour Nathoo  
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Paul Singer and Bonnie Loeb
Alice and Thomas Tisch Foundation

Benefactor ($10,000+)
American Express Company
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Michael J. Boublik and Miriam Boublik
Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.
Credit Suisse (USA), INC.
LaMae A. deJongh and Sydney deJongh
Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.
Wayne and Kara Fingerman
Judith and John Hannan
Miyoung E. Lee and Neil Simpkins
Stephen Meringoff
Nickelodeon Television
Mark and Jennifer Pearlman
Nancy and Marc Roberts
Scholastic Inc.
The Heller Foundation
Wilma Tisch

Patron ($5,000+)
Hannah and Ryan Barry Memorial Foundation
Jules Bernstein and Linda Lipsett
BNY Mellon
Edward and Arlyn Gardner
Myron and Jill Kaplan
Gertrude Michelson
Moody's Foundation
Penguin Random House
Pfizer Inc.
Sony Corporation of America

Supporter ($1,000+)
Glenn J. Barbi
Barnard Cognitive Development Center
Michael Cohen Group
CVS Caremark Charitable Foundation
David Davenport and Monica Azare
Jeffrey S. Feinman
Ruth Gottesman
Jeffrey and Madeline Grant
Susan K. Hamill
HappyFamily Brands (Nuture Inc.)
The Leonard & Evelyn Lauder Foundation
Leo S. Guthman Fund
Mark Lilien
Michael Tuch Foundation
John McGinn and Cary Davis
Hee-Jung Moon and John Moon
Elizabeth Sarnoff and Andrew Cohen
Richard H. Sokolow and Sharon Marie Tomao
Michael and Diane Steinberg
Donald Sussman
The Blackstone Charitable Foundation
The New York Community Trust
Time Warner Cable New York
Lowell Sidney and Lacey Tisch
Christina Ullman
Robin and Liselotte Vince
Steven and Jennifer Warner
Matthew Wyatt

Thank You

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Save the Date!
CMOM 2014 Spring Gala

Thursday, 15 May 2014
The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers


Special Event: Pampers #BabyGotMoves!, 10:00am

All ages

10am - 1pm
Little ones are invited to play inside Pampers' oversized crib, while on-site camera crews film their best "moves" for a chance to be featured in an upcoming Pampers video. A celebrity mom and her kids will be attending, too!

In The Mood: Painting Musical Emotions, 10:00am

All ages

10am - 4:45pm
Families will be inspired to create artwork by the emotions felt when listening to Jazz. Discover what creates the melancholy mood in Billie Holiday’s voice, or the cheerful sound of Duke Ellington’s Big Band. Explore how your mood is affected by musical elements such as key, melody, harmony and tempo, using a piece of historic sheet music as your canvas.
This program is part of our "Jazzed!: The Changing Beat of 125th Street" exhibit and takes place on the lower level.

Bill “Bojangles” Robinson – Repeat the Beat: Tap Your Feet, 10:00am

All ages

10am - 4:45pm
Bill “Bojangles” Robinson is thought to be the most famous tap dancer of the 20th century.  His style transitioned from a soft and flat-footed shuffling motion to a delicate and precise art; making him celebrated for his light and exacting footwork. Design your own tap shoes to create rhythms with our feet!  
This program is part of our "Jazzed!: The Changing Beat of 125th Street" exhibit and takes place on the lower level.

Swept Away: When Water Meets Sand, 10:30am

All ages

10:30am - 4pm
Explore how water changes ecosystems with our new Erosion Table! Discover water’s power on Earth’s surface by creating rivers and lakes through sand.

Thinking Like a Composer: Understanding Sheet Music (Demo), 11:00am

All ages

Music is made up of notes of different pitches, from low to high. An important characteristic of jazz music is that these notes are arranged in unusual rhythms. Examine a historic score sheet by composers such as Duke Ellington and Mary Lou Williams. Then match the sounds that you hear with notes on the paper and create your own score.
This program is part of our "Jazzed!: The Changing Beat of 125th Street" exhibit and takes place on the lower level.

All Jazzed Up Performance: Tap Specialist - Andrew Nemr, 11:00am

4 & younger

11am - 3pm
Leading his quartet in a unique and virtuosic display of “olde tyme jazz” with tap dance percussion, Andrew has also played with Nat Adderley Jr., directing CPD PLUS, or co-founding the Tap Legacy™ Foundation, Inc., 2012 TED Global Fellow.
This program is part of our "Jazzed!: The Changing Beat of 125th Street" exhibit and takes place on the lower level.

EatPlayGrow™ Dem Bones, 1:00pm

4 & younger

Families are introduced to the skeletal system and the importance of calcium to build strong bones.

Dance the Lindy Hop (Demo), 1:30pm

All ages

Learn to do the Lindy Hop by moving your feet to the arrangement of basic tap steps. Try to tap your feet fast or slow to a variety of rhythms or tempo. Can you create your own step combinations?
This program is part of our "Jazzed!: The Changing Beat of 125th Street" exhibit and takes place on the lower level.

Fields of Felt, 2:00pm

4 & younger

Use felt images of trees, lakes, and mountains to create a large mural together.
Kindergarten Readiness Skills: Learn descriptive vocabulary, sensory awareness, explore texture, early math skills.

Skit Scat Stories & Songs!, 3:00pm

All ages

Listen to iconic performances of jazz music and then read books about the ‘Jazz Legends’ who performed them.
This program is part of our "Jazzed!: The Changing Beat of 125th Street" exhibit and takes place on the lower level.

Movement & Circle Time, 4:00pm

4 & younger

Sing, move your body and use your listening ears to hear special stories.
Kindergarten Readiness Skills: Learn new vocabulary, build listening skills and learn to be part of a group.

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