Tinga Tinga Tanzania

October 14 — 15

Tinga Tinga Painting
Tinga Tinga is a dot based form of painting that comes from East Africa. The subjects of the paintings are often wild animals. In our Tinga Tinga class we will be using a variety of painting tools to dot our animals. The walls will be covered in vibrant Tinga Tinga paintings, sure to inspire many masterpieces.
Saturday, October 14 | 11 am & 12 pm| Ages 6 & older| Sign-up*
Sunday, October 15 | 11 am, 12, 2, 3, & 4pm| Ages 6 & older| Sign-up*

Move your body and tap into your own energy with this core-centered Central and East African traditional dance class with Eto’o Tsana. You will be invigorated by dancing to the sounds of fusion Kongo-beats, and traditional Ngoma drums.
Saturday, October 14 | 2 & 3 pm| All ages | Ticketed**

Felt Fish Fun
Zanzibar cuisine is largely tied to the island’s fishing. Learn to count with our fuzzy felt aquarium! Maybe you can get as good at counting fish as a Zanzibar fisherman.
Saturday & Sunday, October 14 & 15 | 3pm | Ages 5 & younger| Drop-in

Storytelling: Adventures of Princess Halima: Exploring The Wilderness of Tanzania
Authors YaAdam and Jainaba Fye share a story of African princess, Princess Halima from Affia as she learns about Tanzania.
Sunday, October 15 | 11 am | All ages | Drop-in

*Due to limited space, this program requires you to sign-up for entry. Sign-up in the lobby one hour before the event.

**Due to limited space, this free event requires tickets for entry. Pick up your tickets in the lobby one hour before the event.