Early Childhood Program

Parent and Child Classes


NEW! Tiny Movers

Ages  6–12 months

Dance, stretch, shake and roll in this new movement and music class for babies from 6 to 12 months. You and your child will be gently guided through yoga, dance and a music jam session with instruments from around the world! Enjoy exclusive use of the Museum’s new dance exhibit. Come move, play and learn with us!

July 5 – 26 and/or August 2 – 23
Wednesdays  |  9 – 9:45am or 10 – 10:45am  |  Classes meet once a week for 4 weeks
Fee $200 (members $160)


Early Explorers

Ages 12 – 24 months

This parent/child class offers a first museum experience, gently introducing children to new ideas and expanding their understanding of their community and of the larger world, preparing them for success in school and beyond. Each session includes open exploration, art activities, and group circle time which includes movement, music, and storytelling.  Each child must be accompanied by a grown-up.

July 7 – 28 and/or August 4th – 25th
Fridays  |  9:30 – 10:30am  |  Classes meet once a week for 4 weeks
Fee $200 (members $160)

Gentle Separation Classes


Museum Explorers 

Ages 2 – 3 years

Children and their grown-ups will gradually separate as these special classes gently ease young learners into the preschool experience. As children become familiar with the routine of class, grown-ups are guided through the separation process by the Museum’s experienced staff. This program helps children gain independence as they develop preschool readiness skills in a safe, stimulating environment.

Each session, led by expert early childhood educators, is designed thematically to complement our captivating hands-on environments. Guided explorations of our exhibits encourage a sense of discovery and introduce children to language and early literacy, science and math, and arts and culture. Throughout the semester, guest artists, scientists, chefs and performers will lead workshops further enriching your child’s experience of the day’s subject and opening a gateway to learning and to New York City’s cultural riches.

July 5 – 28 and/or July 31 – August 25
Mondays & Wednesdays  |  9 – 11am  |  Classes meet twice a week for 4 weeks.
Tuesdays & Thursdays  |  9 – 11am or 10am – 12pm  |  Classes meet twice a week for 4weeks
Fee $540 (members $420)

Friday  |  9 – 11am  |  Class meets once a week for 4 weeks.
Fee $340 (members $220)

Drop-off Classes


NEW! Movement & Music Explorers

Ages 4 – 6 years

This new week–long immersive class inspires children to explore dance, yoga and music. Each session includes a drum circle featuring instruments from around the world, and will culminate in a public performance for parents and caregivers. Takes place exclusively in CMOM’s new dance exhibit.

July 17 – 21 and/or July 24 – 28
Monday – Friday  |  9:30-10:30am  |  Class meets five times a week for 1 week
Fee $320 (members $280)


Science Explorers

Ages 3 – 4 years

This drop-off class introduces curious children to the world’s natural wonders. Each week focuses on an exciting new science theme: biology, entomology, animals and their habitats, and more. Children will learn through hands-on explorations with interactive storytelling, art projects, science experiments, and even live specimens! These classes help children make science investigation and art exploration part of everyday learning by exciting them about the surrounding world. Each class includes a daily “field trip” to one of the Museum’s fascinating exhibits.

June 19 -June 29
Monday & Wednesday | 9am-12pm | Class meets twice a week for 2 weeks
Tuesday & Thursday | 9am-12pm | Class meets twice a week for 2 weeks
Fee $480 (member $360)

Monday – Thursday | 9am-12pm | Class meets four times a week for 2 weeks
Fee $820 (member $720)

July 5-July 28, July 31-Aug 25
Monday & Wednesday | 9am-12pm | Class meets twice a week for 4 weeks
Tuesday & Thursday | 9am-12pm | Class meets twice a week for 4 weeks
Fee $840 (member $720)

Monday – Thursday | 9am-12pm | Class meets four times a week for 4 weeks
Fee $1,540 (member $1,420)