In-School Residencies

World Cultures

Our World Cultures Residencies integrate storytelling, artifact observations and art through an exploration of different times and places. These programs are designed to support NYC Social Studies thematic strands in culture, time, continuity and change, people, places and environments and global connections.


From Anansi to Zeus

Explore famed literary heroes throughout the world from West African Hero, Anansi the Spider, to the ruler of Mount Olympus, Zeus. Students study different cultures and traditions by analyzing traditional folktales and myths. Students create artwork based on each story.


Ancient Greek Myths

Make a Trojan horse. Design a temple frieze, mold mythological creatures and learn about the gods of Olympus as your class travels to ancient Greece.


China Through the Eyes of Monkey King

Students create animated drawings, paint in traditional Chinese style and design shadow puppets, as they learn about modern and ancient Chinese culture through and in-depth exploration of the epic tale, Journey to the West.


Our S.T.E.A.M. residencies employ object observation and hands-on experiments to inspire students to better understand the physical world around them, and solve complex problems using creative and critical thinking.


Beakers & Brushes

Students explore scientific concepts by investigating the work of artists who integrate science in their practice. Students get an in-depth look at how artists infuse physics, math and technology into their work.


Bug Out!

Students investigate what insects are, what makes them unique and how they are a crucial part of our environment.


Crazy Chemistry

Students make predictions, experiment, and draw conclusions as they explore a variety of solids, liquids and gases.


Space Oddities

Students journey to the Earth, Sun and surrounding planets, stars and constellations as they learn about outer space.


Simple Machines

Beginning with the wheel and axle and ending with a Rube Goldberg mechanism, students explore a new simple machine in each workshop and consider how it can help perform everyday tasks.


Gross Biology

From the digestive system to our immune system, students discover what’s inside our bodies and how they work hard to keep us healthy.


Bring an artist to your classroom! Artist-in-Residence units support students’ creativity and nurture a love of the arts. Using a variety of mixed media, students explore the formal elements of line, shape, color, form, texture and more.


Modern Masters

From Jacob Lawrence to Frida Kahlo, students learn about a modern master and his or  her impact. As they learn about the artist’s inspiration and techniques, students create original artworks of their own.

Art around the World

Students embark on a journey across the globe, discovering unique artistic styles and mediums from different countries and cultures such as Islamic architecture and West African Adinkra cloths.

Early Childhood

The Museum's Early Childhood Residencies help pre-school aged children learn early classroom skills through art, storytelling and circle time. All workshops support the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core.


Art Adventures

This residency introduces young learners to formal art concepts and media: line, color, shape, paint and more.

avacado kid


This residency combines science and research from the National Institutes of Health with the museum’s arts and literacy-based pedagogy to teach children the importance of making positive choices in areas that most affect overall health such as nutrition, physical activity, and sleep.


Sense-ational Science

Children explore the world around them through their five senses.


Budding Bookmakers

From Brian Pinkney to Verna Aardema, this program introduces students to a wide variety of children’s literature and excites them about reading. This residency integrates art activities that explore the techniques used by diverse illustrators.