CMOM Comic Con

October 7  October 9

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Cue the Theme Music! Superheroes in Training
Prepare for the challenge of being a superhero! Train through a series of obstacle course games and come up with special movements inspired by superhero theme music from your favorite movies and shows.
Saturday – Monday, October 7 — 9 | 10:30 and 11:30 am | All ages | Drop-In

CMOM’s Comic Book Maker
Collage panel squares, speech balloons and thought bubbles as you draw your very own comic book using CMOM’s Comic Book Maker.
Saturday, October 7 & Monday, October 9, 2017| 11am & 12pm | Ages 6 & older| Sign-up*
Sunday, October 8 | 11am, 12, 2, 3, and 4pm | Ages 6 & older| Sign-up*

The Mark of a Superhero – Logo Design Painting
Make your own superhero logo! Choose your paint and use unique and different items to create your design. Hold it up to the sky and your insignia is born!
Saturday, Sunday & Monday October 7 — 9 |10am | Ages 5 & younger |Drop-in

Caped Crusaders
Design your own cape – complete with a unique logo!
Saturday, Sunday & Monday October 7 — 9 |1pm | Ages 5 & younger |Drop-in

Dynamic Dance Challenge with “The School at Steps”
“Dance is a superpower. Everybody has it. But only a few are brave enough to unleash it.”
Join “The School at Steps” in a wonder-filled dance class for boys and girls. Using the super-powers of shape-shifting, agility, superhuman strength and imagination, students fly to new heights in this innovative 45-minute class.
Saturday, October 7 | 2 & 3pm| All ages | Ticketed**

Pencil me This!—Comic Book Artist Alitha Martinez
Comic book artist Alitha E. Martinez has worked on Iron Man, X-Men, Marvel Age Fantastic Four, and Black Panther for Marvel Comics. Join Alitha as she shares her career as an artist and helps you create your own comic page.
Sunday, October 8 | 2 & 3 pm | Ages 6 & older| Sign-up*

Puerto Rican Superheroine—La Borinqueña
Comic book writer and creator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez introduces you to the newest superhero from Brooklyn, NY here to help Puerto Rico! Celebrate your own culture and heritage as Edgardo helps you design your own superhero comic book cover!
Monday, October 9 | 2 & 3pm| Ages 6 & older| Sign-up*


*Due to limited space, this program requires you to sign-up for entry. Sign-up in the lobby one hour before the event.

**Due to limited space, this free event requires tickets for entry. Pick up your tickets in the lobby one hour before the event.