Museum of Impact visits CMOM

Museum of Impact presents Upstanders Fest, a social justice extravaganza. Make art and build power with a healthy curiosity of understanding activism and the role you can play. Discover avenues to action and express yourself through artmaking, songs, games and crafts.

Museum of Impact creates immersive experiential voyages into the heart of social movements, where visitors leave their own mark.

Monday, January 15 | 12 – 4 pm | All ages | Drop-in

“We The People”: Citizenship Weekend

Saturday & Sunday, September 16 & 17

On September 17, 1787, the Founding Fathers signed the U.S. Constitution. Each year, on September 17, Americans celebrate Citizenship Day. On this day Americans are encouraged to reflect on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and what it means to be a U.S. citizen as well as recognizing people who are taking steps to become U.S. citizens.

Circles of Citizenship
Design an ornament that proudly shows your home, your language, your culture and more.
Sunday, September 17 | 10am & 1pm | Ages 5 & younger | Drop-in

Pop-up Neighborhood
Create a pop-up book as a reminder of our rights and freedoms as citizens in America. How do we see these rights in our daily lives—in our homes, in our neighborhoods and in our communities?
Saturday & Sunday, September 16 & 17 | 11 am &12pm | Ages 6 & older| Sign-up*

Storytelling: Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman
When Grace’s teacher announces a school production of Peter Pan, Grace knows immediately she wants to play the lead. Join CMOM Museum Educators in a reading of Mary Hoffman’s book Amazing Grace and learn how Grace follows her dream of starring in the school play despite the challenges she faced in her class.
Saturday & Sunday, September 16 & 17 | 11am & 4pm | All ages | Drop-in

Meet the League of Women Voters
For almost 100 years the League of Women Voters has been working to enlist, educate and engage voters. The League of Women Voters will provide you with information needed for the upcoming 2017 New York elections.  
For more information about your candidates visit
Sunday, September 17 | 10:30 am — 4:30 pm | All ages | Drop-in 

BOLD Creative Movement AlphaKey Club™ Dance
Through creative movement and dance, participants will learn to be BOLD and dance BOLDLY! AlphaKey Club™ focuses on sharing a messages of empathy, confidence and commitment utilizing dance as a new alphabet!
Sunday, September 17 | 2 & 3pm | All ages| Ticketed**

*Due to limited space, this program requires you to sign-up for entry. Sign-up in the lobby one hour before the event.

**Due to limited space, some free events require tickets for entry. Pick up tickets in the lobby one hour before the event.